LED Bulb replacement

I own a 40K gallon swimming pool that has 3 lights.  They are Swim Quip Brand.  The bulb measures 5" wide and 6" tall.  It is 120 Volts.  Do you have an LED Color Bulb that will fit into the fixture?  I cannot find one anywhere.  J & J Electronics has a white LED bulb that fits, but to my knowledge does not make a color LED bulb to fit the Swim Quip fixture.

Please advise.


You said it all in your post just perfectly. You do have a Swimquip light and the only LED option is the White Swimquip LED Light By J&J unfortunately there is not a Color Changing LED Bulby for Swimquip Light Fixtures.

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We luv the idea of a color changing light. This is all the information we have on our current light. Here is all the info on our pool light fixture.

Again, we are looking for the seal for the lens.

Hydrotech Chemical Corp. Industry, CA



Model PLH-100-3

Model PLH-100-5

Underwater lighting fixture for swimming pool,

wet-niche type          No. F-699194

Use with housing model No’s 425  &  VN50

lamp R40   120V   500W Max

Do you offer a LED light changing bulb we could use?

Hello Debi - From our research, your specifications cross reference to the Poolstar fixture. This was made by Hydrotech Chemical Corp at one point and then later sold under the Purex name. We do not have an LED bulb that will fit that fixture. However, we do have a replacement lens gasket. The part number is 3550-03.

We have a couple options if you want an LED light. The first would be the pool version of the Pentair Intellibrite. This is a complete led light fixture.

The second option would be to buy an incandescent style light fixture and then install the LED bulb. You would want to go with an Amerlite pool fixture and a pool LED bulb with the same voltage.

I love the cobalt lighting in pools and am so hopeful you have something to fit.  I have a Pentair 12V-100W clear light that I would like to replace with the color LED. What would I order?

Hello Patti13 - Are you looking for a complete fixture or just a color changing bulb? What is the outside diameter measurement of your light fixture face ring?

Just a color changing bulb, unless I need something else and will accept your direction on that. The diameter is 10" which I measured from the outside edge of the metal. The metal ring could be replaced too if you carry that. Thank you, this site is awesome!

We would recommend the PureLine PL5808. This is a 12v LED color changing bulb that will fit in your Pentair fixture.

Thank you, is there a way to keep the light on the cobalt blue setting?

Yes, there is a way to keep it on cobalt blue. Once the light cycles to cobalt blue, turn the light off and immediately back on. This will keep it on the same color.

I have 2 AquaLight Pentair incadescent candelabra-type 250W bulbs (both recently out).  Last time I replaced, bulb was Prism Halogen JD250MC/120V or 127032.  Looks like the Gasket part # is 79108600.  There is a reflecting cone over the bulb.  Is there an LED option?

Hello Timothy - Unfortunately, there is not a LED bulb option for the Aqualight halogen bulb. If you want a LED, you would have to replace the entire fixture with a Pentair Intellibrite (spa size).


Like debi1980 earlier in this thread…I have an old 120v Purex light and Purex niche in my 20k free form pool (~20x40’).  I have just the one light, and no landscape or surrounding lighting.  The light is strong enough to light the entire pool and provide decent ambient light.  I’d like to step voltage down to 12v, and possibly go w/ LED (that’s a nice to have not a must).

I see InyoRob recommended the Amerilite which I think would give me flexibility of LED or non.  I think I’d be looking at Amerilite part 78438100 - 300w 12v 50’ cord.

However, assuming my current R40 bulb is either 400 or 500w (I havent opened the fixture)…am I running the risk of losing significant brightness if I step down to the 300w 12v fixture?

Also, I see a 600w 12v transformer, are there brands that make higher wattage 12v fixtures?  I’m assuming yes there are but they wont fit my niche?

Niche - Purex model # PLH-100-3 / PLH-100-5

Light - Purex Model 425 120v Lamp R40 500w Max

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Hello John - I wasn’t able to find a brighter incandescent style light that was 12v. However, Pentair does make white 12v LED lights that are equivalent to 400w and 500w.

400W Equivalency w/50’ Cord - Model Number 601206

500W Equivalency w/50’ Cord - Model Number 601301


I’m looking to change out my 12v incandecent bulb for a colored LED bulb. It’s a hayward fixture in a luminaire housing. I can’t find a model or serial number anywhere on the fixture. The pool is about 14 years old; do you have any suggestions? I also would like to change out the spa bulb as well. Same set up as the pool light.



i would like to replace my 100W 120V R20 incandescent for a white LED. The fixture is American Products 98746800. what should i get?

Hello Tess - I would recommend part number LPL-S2_RGB-120 to replace the incandescent bulb in your light fixture.

Do you have to drain your inground pool below the light to change the light bulb or do they typically have a long enough cord to reach above the water surface?

I would like to replace my pool light and possibly the spa light on my inground pool that is about 15 years old.  I replaced the bulbs, color wheel motor, and gasket in the 6 inch? pool light 4 years ago and the information I was able to get from the fixture is below:

Pentair V-47229

165 watts

120 volts

Bulb type MR16      75 watts

Fresh water only (I have converted to salt water)

Use with Model# 7821XX,  7823XX

Series 600015     600016     600017     600022

I would like to replace with an LED fixture

I think my spa light is a 4 inch

Any ideas what model fixture will replace this SAM Amerlite fixture?


Hi Davsiz,

Thanks for the information! We would suggest the J&J LED Color Changing Light Fixtures. We like the J&J lights as the bulb is replaceable unlike the new Hayward and Pentair LED lights which do not have replaceable bulbs so if the bulb ever goes bad on those then you have to replace the complete light fixture at $1,000 a pop!

Here are the lights you would require…

Pool Light Replacement

Spa Light Replacement

We have put together this Video on How to Replace a Pool Light Fixture which you may find helpful when you tackle this project.

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