LED Bulb replacement

Similar to the one of the earlier questions, I have a Purex Model 100-3 lamp enclosure that takes an R40 lamp, and I am looking for a color-changing LED lamp that will fit it. Has anything come out since the original question that will fit this enclosure other than the plain white LED lamp?

I suppose the next (and possibly) better option is to replace the whole unit with a color-changing low voltage LED system, but the ones I have been able to find are prohibitively expensive – nearly $1000 for a pool light seems ridiculous. And there is still the concern of it fitting in the existing light niche (which I belive is a Forming Shell No. 425).

Any thoughts?

Try to look in stores where not only LEDs for swimming pools are sold. I think you’ll be lucky.

I don’t know which model you should use. However, the absolute tightness that prevents moisture from entering is an important requirement when choosing lamps for the pool. This condition applies to both mounted and underwater models.  Btw, the maximum and permissible voltage at which the lamps work should be from 12 to 24 Volts. Some models are provided complete with step-down transformers for this reason.

Hello Patricia - No, you do not need to drain the pool below the light to change the light bulb. There should be enough cord behind the pool light so that you can place the pool light fixture on the deck. There is usually one screw that secures the light fixture into the niche. Loosen that screw and lift the light fixture onto the deck.

Check out our guide titled “How to Replace a Pool Light Bulb”.

Some time has passed from the original post, so we now have this J & J Electronics ColorSplash LXG LED Pool Lamp 120V - LPL-P2-RGB-120 available for your Swim Quip fixture!

Don’t forget to get a new gasket and to coat the surfaces of it with some lubricant to keep it sealed safely for a long time.