Wiring the B2983T

I removed the previous motor and took photos to reference. The removal of the old pump and putting the new motor was a breeze… until the wiring. I have two black wires and one green. The green is on the ground while the “hot” black is connected to L1 and the non-hot black wire is connected to L2. When I turn on the power, the LED for the unit flashes green for 1-2 seconds and then off. I tried swapping this configuration to no avail. I’m now back to the hot being on L1 and non-hot on L2. Has anyone had this issue before? Any thoughts or recommendations? I believe it’s a 220/230 since it’s a double breaker.

Hi gmfurman,

We put together this Guide on How to Wire Digital Dual Speed Motor which should walk you through the process of the wiring.

Thank You