Whisperflo WFE-2 Motor Replacement

I have a Whisperflo pump that has a tag that says WFE-2, 1.90 service factor, .50 horsepower.  The Magnetek tag says its part 7-177449-03.  From looking at your replacement list these 2 don’t seem to go together.  The pump appears to be .75HP although it does not say that anywhere on the tag.  Any insight?

The correct replacement motor for your Pentair WFE-2 is model B845. This is a full rated 1/2Hp motor with a service factor of 1.9. The total HP is .95. A 1/2Hp full rated pump is sometimes labeled a 3/4HP uprated pump. That is why you may run across both ratings.

We recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The seal kit is part number GOKIT32. Use GOKIT32SALT if you have salt water.

Hi i am looking for a replacement motor for a Whipserflo WFE-2 (Part# 7-177449-03).  Same specs as the post from HothouseSpa.  based on this thread looks like model B2845 is a replacement.  In another thread i came across model number B2661 as a replacement.  The B2845 is an exact match to the specs for the original motor (Part 7-177449-03).  However under the details section, nither one is CA compliant.  When i started a chat i was given B2981 as a replacment, but the specs are off.  The B2981 a CA compliant mototr.  Can someone calrify the dfferences between the 3 models?

B2845 is a single speed full rated 1/2 HP motor. The total HP rating is .95. (This would match an original WFE-2 Motor)

B2661 is a single speed full rated 3/4 HP motor. The total HP rating is 1.25.

B2981 is a 2-speed full rated 3/4HP motor. The total HP rating is 1.25. This motor is CA compliant. It would require a switch to change the speeds. The manual switch is part number 2512558-001.