Which automation system will work?

I would like to know which automation system I should buy and which actuator valves I should buy.

Here is my setup: Pool with Spa

Pool Pump: I have his variable speed motor ECM16SQU I purhcased from Inyol

The manual states external digital control and shows RS-485 interface

Booster pump: Polaris single speed PB3-60

Valves: They are older Jandy Neverlube diverters 3-port, manual

Heater: Old heater with manual on/off switch, but I plan to buy a Raypak in the near future. So I want to control old one and switch to new one later

Solar: I do not have solar now, but will add. So I can buy any valves or sensors

Salt Chlorinator: I have an old one I need replacing, so can be any model that works with automation. I want the biggest one, pool is 25K gallons.


Standard Pool Mode: VS pump low RPM, Valve for drain set for pool, return valve set to 90% pool. 10% spa (a way to set angle of valve), solar valve off

Standard pool mode with polairs booster on: Same as above but turn on Polaris booster pump

Standard pool mode with solar: same as above but solar temp sensor, turn on solar valve as needed based on temp. May need to increase RPM of pump

Standard pool mode with solar with Rayak heater: Turn on heater to heat pool to desired temp

Spa mode: changes valves for Spa and turn on heater. Run pump and higher RPM

Light: I have one light. Turn light on/off. This is optional and not a requirment.

I guess I would need a system that has relays and RS-485 control. The problem I am having is that I cannot get much info about compatibility with the motor for RPM control.

In summary: What is recommended system and what valves should I buy?

Hello Mnschu - At this time, we are not aware of a complete control system that will control the RPM’s of your motor. The control system can provide power to the unit but the RPM’s would be set at the motor. You can program the control to turn your pump on at a certain time and then the motor would go through the set RPM schedule.

We would recommend the Pentair Easytouch model 520543 for your pool/spa. This is a 4 function system that includes a 40k salt system, 4 relays, 4 valve outputs, 2 valve actuators, 8 position breaker panel, local remote from power supply, 2 temp sensors, and 2 heater controls.