What brand to choose for hot tubs?

Choosing a salt water hot tub brand can be a difficult process. Most people have very little about the hot tub category. I would like to share an article which helped with some few tips when I considered buying one 2 months back. I literally had zero knowledge on hot tubs and I did a lot of research before I got one from Ferrari pools in Boston. As this is an introductory post of mine on this forum, I wanted to share something useful. So here I go: One of the questions many hot tub buyers have is, who is going to answer any questions I have about my new hot tub, or help me if I run into any issues? If this is the case with you also, then you should select a brand that is sold through a local hot tub dealer. A knowledgeable and experienced hot tub dealer can ensure that you know everything you need to know before selecting and purchasing a hot tub. With their guidance, you will have an excellent hot tub ownership experience and get the most value from your hot tub. There is nothing better than reading reviews from real customers. You can google it or may look for the same on the manufacturer’s website. Often products will have a mix of positive and negative reviews. When this happens, you also have a chance to see how the brand responds to customers when there is a problem. It may be better to choose a spa that has mixed reviews and a manufacturer that cares rather than one that has no reviews since there is no way to know what those customers have actually experienced. Spasearch.org is an independent organization that surveys retailers about the hot tub brands they sell, and awards deserving brands (those that deliver exceptional quality, innovative products, great value and customer care) with their trade-certified designation. Also, you can join forums like this and ask the real people about their experience with a particular brand. You can get some real-life experiences here. Most likely, all of your doubts regarding your new hot tub can be solved in forums like this. Lastly, choose a brand that has been around for a long time. While some hot tub manufacturers have been around for 40 years, many have not. You want your hot tub to last a long time, and you will expect that the brand you choose will be there to support you with parts and service for the life of your hot tub. It’s important to choose a hot tub brand that will be there if you need it.