What bearings and parts needed? - Jandy SHpm2.0 / AO smith 0-193994-06

My pool pump is “whining”, making a lot of noise and leaking between the motor and pump. I trying to figure out what bearings I need to order and if/what gaskets and seals I should order and replace while I am doing bearings.

Jandy pump - model# SHPM2.0 serial # T11FB0075

Century/AO Smith motor - serial # 33610CH , Model# 0-193994-06

Thank you!

We’d be glad to assist you. The 0-193994-06 motor would require two 203 bearings.

The seals can be found on the Jandy SHPM parts page.

Thank you! I just wasnt sure what all seals or extras I should plan to have on hand or change just because I was already tearing into it.

I’d recommend replacing the shaft seal, backplate o-ring, and diffuser gasket when you replace the motor.

I just thougt I would update you on this… the motor bearings you recomended are not entirely correct. The motor listed above requires 1) 6203DW (rear) and 1) 6304DU (front). I order all the parts you suggested to have on hand for a speedy repair and I now have my motor and pump fully disassembled and am going to have wait multiple days to find a replacement bearing for the front.

We apologize for any inconvenience. According to the Century parts list, your motor should have had two 6203 bearings. Maybe they briefly used a different shaft end bell that required a 6304.