Variable speed replacement motor

I have a 1hp Hayward single speed super pump.  I would love to replace the motor with a variable speed motor.  Will this motor work with the 1 hp Hayward pump?

1.65 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump Motor Round Flange - ECM16CU

are the installation instructions so I know what I am getting into?

i read that the ecm16cu does not work with a timer     Is it meant to run 24 hours a day?

Hello Thegman - The ECM16CU would be the correct replacement variable speed motor for your 1HP Hayward Super Pump. We have wiring instructions available on the site. We also have instructions for programming the motor. The programming instructions reference connecting the motor to a timer.

Thanks for the quick response.   I just checked and my electric utility gives a $200 rebate when one switches from a single speed pump to a variable.  Because of this, I think I will get the PL2605 pump at $599 since my net out of pocket cost will be the same as if I purchased just the motor