Variable Speed Motor To Replace My Single Speed Motor

I have a 2HP Whisper-Flo single speed pump Model SF- N1 - 2A/340040.

What would be a good Variable Speed replacement motor that is compatible with mine?

Thank you,


The most appropriate variable-speed motor for your SuperFlo 2 HP Single Speed Pump - 340040 would be the V-Green 2.7 HP Square Flange 48Y Variable Speed Motor - ECM27SQU.

Inyo Pool’s Pentair SuperFlo VS Motor Upgrade Kit - 2.7HP - MKIT78VS27 is a great deal - it includes the new motor as well as the Tune-Up Kit components and a new impeller & diffuser to really get the most out of the VS motor on your pump.

Check out our guide on How to Save Money Using a Variable Speed Motor for tips on programming your new motor to really maximize the savings on your electric bill.