Variable motor replacement suggestion for Flotec AT251001 1hp A100ELL

Hi Folks,

I have a pentair Flotec AT251001 1hp with an A100ELL motor that just died.

I would like to either replace the motor with a VS or find a VS pump assembly that is affordable.

Q#1 Is the century vgreen 1.65 ECM16SQU, still the best option for motor replacement? The rest of the Flotec pump assembly seems OK. I can replace the seals and the rings with the motor.

Q#2 I’ve seen the Harris 72522 Proforce highly recommended and the entire pump assembly is compartable in price to the Vgreen motor replacment. This would ensure everything is new, but would be a more involved install. Are there better complete pump assemblies that will not beark the bank?

Any suggestions or advice?

  1. Yes, the ECM16SQU would be the correct replacement motor. The Flotec AT251001-01 is the same model as the Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas and Dyna-Max.
  1. I would stay away from that Harris model 72522. We used to sell a version of that pump with the same variable speed motor and we had a lot of issues. We took care of the warranties on our end but the manufacturer did not honor the warranty for us. I’d recommend looking at the Waterway Power Defender model PD-140. Click Here to View the Waterway Power Defender 140 Variable Speed Pump

If the pump housing is still in good shape, we usually lean towards replacing the motors.