Using my Gas pool Heater for my Above Ground Spa

I have a Hayward 200k BTU heater for my inground pool.  I also have an above ground spa that uses a 5k electric heater.  My electric bill goes up signifigantly with the spa.  My thought was to run (2) 1 1/2" pipes for a suction line and return line to the spa utilizing a 3 port jandy valve on the suction line to the pool pump so i can isolate my pool skimmer/main drain from my hot tub.  I also would be utilizing a 3 port jandy valve on my return side of my pool equimment to islate the pool returns and the hot tub return line.  I will be completly isolating the pool from the spa when using the pool heater for the hot tub.  So basically when the valves are turned using automatic valves I will have my omnilogic shut the pump down until the vlaves change state and then kick back on sending my spa water through the sand filter through the heater and back to the tub so I also will be utilizing the filtration system as well.  The question I am having is that since my hot tub has it’s own pump I will not be using the pool pump for the jets or could I?  Also If I leave the hot tub motor installed can I just tie my new 1 1/2" lines on both sides of the hot tub motor with tees to suck and return using the hot tub existing piping or should I drill 2 new holes in the tub for a return and suction line.  I don’t want to drill the tub if I don’t have to.  I just want to make sure I can send water through the existing hot tub pump using my pool pump which I don’t think should be a problem.  Thoughts on this would be great!

Hi RickyC,

I get what you are trying to do here and I think it should work but could you post some photo’s of your plumbing to this thread as this would allow us to make better recommendations. The more photo’s of your set up the better.

Thank You