Upgrade to variable speed motor

Hello, I would like to upgrade to a variable or dual speed motor. Moved into new home with pool, and am not very knowledgable but heard huge savings with more efficient motor.

Am I able to buy a new motor to attach to current pump? Or do i have to purchase a whole new pump n motor?

I have a:

  • Hayward Super II
  • SP3015EEAZ
  • AO Smith
  • K48M2N110
  • HP 1 1/2

I am looking for most cost effective option. If there are more then one please advise.

Thank you, I really appreciate your expertiese.

A variable speed motor would be the most energy efficient option. The variable speed motor for your Hayward Super II pump is model ECM27CU.

The dual speed option would be model number STS1202. This motor does not come with a switch for high and low speed. You would either need a dual speed timer or a toggle switch. The toggle switch is part number 2512558-001.

We recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The seal kit is part number GOKIT2. Use GOKIT2SALT if you have salt water.

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Thank you very much.

Quick follow up question. My current pump is 1 1/2 horse power.  The option you referenced jumps up to 2.7. Is the a reason to go bigger?

I saw a 1.65 option with the V-green, and also a pureline 1.5 that said it was compatible.

With cost being a concern would the cheaper less powerful option get the job done?

Thanks again, appreciate your help.

Your current pump motor has a service factor of 1.33. This means the total HP rating is 1.995 (1.5 x 1.33). The replacement motor needs to have a total HP rating that is equal to or higher than the current total HP rating. The 1.65 would be undersized and would fail due to the current impeller size. You could go with a smaller impeller and downsize to the 1.65 VS motor.

Thank you.

I did find this article, your guys site is awesome: How To Downsize a Pool Pump Impeller - INYOPools.com

However, what would be your advice here? I need to cut any costs I can. I am handy enough and think I could tackle this job myself, vs incuring the costs of having someone do it. That would probably take the balance to just getting the original motor you advised on.

If doing this myself what parts would I need, and would the cost of chaniging the impellar and downgrading to smaller motor work out cheaper?   Thank you!

(Again with cost being my concern, I am going to have to stretch it to make this happen - could I change the impellar and go with the 1.5 Pureline motor. If so what parts do I need?)

The smaller impeller is part number 5110-10J ($31.99). The smaller diffuser would be part number 5110-09F ($28.99). The cost of the 1.65 VS motor, impeller, and diffuser would be $488.97.

I had to put this project on the back-burner but am getting ready to move forward.

A new question for you. I had asked above about finding a compatible variable motor that would fit onto my current haward pump.

However the cost for the motor only is comparable to some options that include a brand new pump and motor in one.

Can you advise me on switching out the whole pump and motor? I am still on a budget, I saw the 1.5HP Variable Speed PL1615 on sale.

  • Would this work?
  • No sure what Port Size means?
  • It looks as easy as disconnecting the motor, sawing off the inlet and outlet PVC, coupling new pipes on, hooking motor back up - done?

What would you advise is the best option? Sticking with the Hayward Super II or replacing the entire pump? I am still new to pools so not sure if I am doing a diservice by trading in something better for less?

A friend has said I should go with Pentair 1.5 hp superflo variable? Do you guys offer that?

The PL1615 isn’t going to be as strong as your current pump. It also has smaller ports. If you’re going to replace the complete pump, we’d recommend the PureLine model PL2606. It has a 2.7 total HP rating and 2" ports. It’s rated higher than your current pump but it will still be more energy efficient because you can run the pump at lower speeds.

Port size refers to the connection for your plumbing. If you have 2" plumbing, in most cases, it’s better to have a pump with 2" ports.

Below is a video of a complete pump install.