Upgrade old inground pool light

I have an old pool light that the gasket has rotted out on. I’d like to replace the fixture with a modern LED color changing fixture and do the work myself. Please confirm that the new LED fixture is compatible with my existing niche. The fixture I’m replacing I’ve been told is an Spectrum Amerilite, and the labeling on the light says it is No. T0925168, and also see a Pentair logo on one of the labels. I’d like to replace it with a Pentair IntelliBrite LED 5g color 120V. Will this new fixture fit in the existing niche? Is it ok if I replace one fixutre with new LED and leave the other two as halogen fixtures until they go bad? Thanks.

Model Number

Hello Ebunge - You could replace your pool light with the Pentair Intellibrite 5G Pool Light. This light will fit in your existing niche. You could leave the two other halogen lights in place until they fail.

We have another option that will fit and it’s more economical. The PureLine Pure Colors LED Light Fixture is a great alternative to the more expensive models.

I need help. Old Anthony Pool Light Fixture Model 20, with Wet Niche type Freshwater, 500 watt, 120 volt, R40 Lamp. It says use with  model 21 or 19LA fixture Housing. I only want to replace the light fixture with LED, niche stays there. I can’t find the correct replacement. Will need 100’ wire.


I’m looking for a replacement LED color changing light bulb and gasket for the Anthony Pool Model 30 Wet Niche pictured below. Can you please tell me which lights and gaskets will work? I’ve already checked the wiring and there is no transformer to change it from 120V to 12V so I’m looking at the 120V LED lights.