Upgrade a Single Speed Motor to Variable

Hoping to get some input on what kind & size motor/pump to purchase.Install it myself.
Want to upgrade Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5 HP / 1.47 SF / 230 volt pump to a variable speed pump.
Diatomaceous filter.

One 2" return that goes to 3 eyeballs.
Two 2" suction. One to skimmer thats connected to wall drain directly below skimmer intake. No floor drain.
The other to wall port for Haywood XL vac. These two attach to diverter at pool equipment to control vac suction?

Spa with waterfall thats spills into pool only when water diverted to spa.
California Edison rates. .17 cents @ tier 1, .25 @ tier 2 and .35 @ tier 3.
I usually start getting into tier 3 in summer.


Hello Randy - The most energy efficient replacement motor for your Whisperflo pump would be model ECM27SQU. This is a 2.7 total HP variable speed motor.

We also recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The standard seal kit is part number GOKIT32. If you have salt water, the tune-up kit is GOKIT32SALT.


Would 1.65 HP be sufficient?

What pump would I need if I wanted a new replacement?

Thanks again

Your current pump has a total HP of 2.2 (HP x SF). My concern with the 1.65 is that it would not produce the same amount of flow as your current pump. That extra flow may be required for the waterfall and spa.

If you need a complete pump, we recommend the Pureline Prime model PL2606. That is the 2.7 total HP variable speed pump.