union connector for Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Pump and PVC pipe

Hi, this is my first time to replace the old pool pump for our above ground pool. I need help to figure out what brand/type of union connector I must purchase to connect the new pump to the pvc pipe.

From what I’ve read, I need a union that has a male end to connect to pump and the other end to accept the pvc pipe.

Pool Pump: PowerFlo Matrix Pump 1.5 HP Dual Speed - SP15932S
current PVC pipe size: 1.5 inches

Thanks in advance!

The unions for the Hayward Matrix pump are part number 2110-12. Click Here to View the Hayward Matric Pump Unions

Hi, thank you for your response. I looked into the pump unions but it is unclear to me how I will be able to connect the 1.5in PVC pipes. Is this my only option?

You could use part number 9348-650. That union would screw into your pump and then you could glue 1.5" pvc into the opposite side. Click Here to View the 9348-650 Union