Top Rail Question

Hello, I have an Atlantic Concord pool installed by the previous home owner in 2011. I am looking to replace the top rails (which have rusted badly since we converted to a salt system 5 years ago) and caps (some of which have cracked or otherwise broken). Per the paperwork I’ve located I belive it came in a ‘J4000 Top Pack, 311530760 15 x 30 x 54 Concord’. I have measured the rails as best I can, and believe they’re somewhere between 57 1/2 inches long to 58 or so inches, depending on where I measure; it’s longer on the outer edge of the pool and slightly shorter closer inward toward the water. I wouldn’t need all of the caps, but I believe I will need all 16 top rails. I haven’t measured every one but I guess it’s possible the corners are shorter, perhaps? Is there a chance replacement parts are available based on the J4000 reference and the pool size (15 x 30 x 54), and a price for the parts that I can review? I would appreciate any help, thank you.

Hello Labontae - Would you say your parts are light gray or beige?

Sorry I’ve been away. They are beige. Thank you!

The replacement curved side top rail is part number 1450833,

The straight side top rail is part number 1450837.

The transition top rail is part number 1450834.

The replacement top cap is part number 1490546.

Thank you!

Follow up: The Transition Top Rail does not appear to be available nor have a replacement that appears available like the first two do. I’m also confusted about the difference between the rails. I know I need some curved and straight, but what is the transition? And how many of each do I need for my 15 x 30 oval pool. And if I need the transition rails and the number provided isn’t available, what can I do?

Thank you!