Top Caps

We are looking for replacement top caps for our Outback AGP.

Hello Hoppified - We’d be glad to assist you. Could you post a couple pictures of your top cap?

If you have trouble posting the images to the forum, email and reference the forum in the subject line.

Below is the picture Hoppified emailed.

That cap is typically used on the Atlantic Barrier Reef model. This was sometimes branded an Outback Pool. The top cap is part number 1490830. The back piece is part number 1490829. The logo insert is part number 1490853.

This is the cap I need

Unfortunately, we are out of stock on that cap for the year. We’ll try and order them again in the off-season.

Can anyone give me clear direction on where to purchase Cap components 1490829 & 0830, top rails 1320178,  galvanized tube 1470101 cover for vinyl bead/lock for my 27’ round Outback pool.  The pool was purchased in 2010 and we are expeiriencing some corrosion on top rails, screws and uv degradation of the vinyl/plastic vertical rail and top rail caps

We are out of stock on the top cap components. We do have part numbers 1320178 and 1470101 in stock.

Click Here to View Part Number 1320178

Click Here to View Part Number 1470101