Thermal Overload Protector and Motor Replacement Options?

Do you sell the thermal overload protectors? I am pretty sure mine is broken which is causing my pump to short cycle. It looks corroded. it has a part number of MET38ABM on it. Everything on this pump and motor looks brand new besides this single part which leads me to believe this part was designed to break. Also if I cannot buy the switch what is the cheapest motor replacement I can get? My pump model is a Flotec AT251001-01 with motor # C48J2PA105C1. Thanks.

Hello James - At this time we do not carry the thermal overload protectors. The replacement motor for the C48J2PA105C1 is model SQ1052.

The other pump parts can be found on the FloTec AT251001 Parts Page.

So, I want to go ahead and give an update since nobody ever does. I went ahead and took the thermal overload protector off since it was corroded. I disconnected the 3 wires and capped them all together. Pump has been running perfectly fine for a week now.