Switching from PB4SQ pump to PB460

Hey, We’re switching our polaris pump out and have a wiring question.  The wires to the PB4SQ are green, red and blue.  Red was wired to black and Blue was wired to blue.  The new pump does not have the same wire color configuration.  It’s 115V.  I need to know how to connect my wires on the PB460.  I’ve converted it to 115V already.  I currently have the red to the yellow /black, (position 1) and the blue to the yellow, (position 6).  The motor comes on and then shuts off.  I cannot get it to stay on.  Can you help?

I figured it out.  The original PB4SQ was 230V, not 115V.  I restored the PB460 factory 230 settings and all is well!

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Thank you for the update!