switching from nat gas to propane

my gas well run dry. need to change over to propane , do you have a kit for this?  raypak  0702195974    mod PR206AEN-C price thanks. [yes for 14yres my kid swam free kept temp at 90deg year round. kidney stansplant  in 2001  and shes in good shape , so gotta get it up and warm again.

Hi Bountyhunter,

Your model # of PR206AEN-C indicates you have an electronic ignition model heater and unfortunately Raypak does not make a conversion kit for their electronic ignition models. We do carry this complete Raypak 206,000 BTU LP Heater which may be an option for you.

thanks for the info ,could send me a price on the replacement unit.raypak 206000lp

The Raypak unit is $1,369 with Free shipping and can be seen here Raypak 206,000 BTU LP Heater