substitute for my pool pump motor

Hi there, i curently have SPX1620Z2M motor on my super 2 pump, i have rebuild bearings on that pump 3 times, and after a year it starts to grind and make unbearable noise , if i purchase this motor will it be silent and a decent replcement, i was wondering, if i wanted to have it even more quiter, can i purchase dual speed version ( sts 1102) and will i be able to do direct bolt on to my super 2 pump housing.

Thank you for contacting Inyo. A new SPX1620Z2M motor will be very quiet, especially on the low speed. You can switch to an STS1102 motor but you’ll have to reduce the impeller size. The impeller for the STS1102 would be part number 5110-10J. The corresponding diffuser would be part number 5110-09F.

If you reduce the HP you’ll be giving up a good amount of water flow. This may be an issue if you have a spa or other water features.