Sticky Handle TM22 Sand Filter


My pool handle is sticking when I try to back wash or reposition to the original flow.  The bearing washer/gasket just below the handle has been cracked for some time now, which may be the cause of it sticking.  Do you have any suggestions for what I should try before breaking down and hiring someone?  I am somewhat handy with a little guidance or suggestion.  The pool is about nine years old, and I have never replaced any parts on it, so it is about time that some of them are wearing out.

Stacey O’Hare


Hello Stacey - We’d be glad to assist. We carry all of the parts for the TM22 valve. You can try rebuilding it but taking the top assembly apart can be difficult. We recommend replacing the complete top assembly. The part number for the top assembly is E-50-S2B. This part is easy to replace. You back out the 10 screws and remove the old cover. Then put the new one on the valve body and tighten the screws.