Stabilizer Rails

I have a round 24’X54" Deep Mediterranean pool and the top stabilizer rails are rusted real bad and falling into the pool. I also have to replace my liner because I currently have two holes in it. Part #1255624 is the only thing I can find in the user manual for the stabilizer rails. This has happened on both above ground pools I have purchased. It says I need 16 for a 24’ pool. Will the steel ones always rust? I have a saltwater system and believe this is what is causing the rust. Is there an option for a resin upgrade and what would the cost be for steel vs resin stabilizer rails?

Currently, we only have a steel option for the stabilizers on your pool. The replacement is part number LA1255624. We also offer a 4 pack at a discounted rate, part number LA1255624-PACK4.

These parts will eventually rust. My suggestion would be to spray them with Rust-Oleum paint. That will help protect from rust.