stabilizer in my salt water pool

I just finished my pool about 2 months ago and trying to get the chemistry down. I have a:

Total alkalinity 80,

Calcium hardness :190

Saturation index : -0.1

Ph: 7.6

Cyanuric acid : 0

My question is : for Saltwater pool do I need to add a stabilizer? When Tested the cyanuric acid stabilizer it with the Taylor k2005 nothing happen water was not cloudy stayed clear. So I’m assuming I don’t have any in my pool? 
please advise

Hello Ezzey17,

In a word, yes, ALL pools need stabilizer. Stabilizer protects the chlorine in the pool from the sun’s rays. Without stabilizer the sun destroys chlorine in a short amount of time.

Since you didn’t list the free chlorine in your post I’m assuming you’re having a problem keeping chlorine in the water.

Salt Generators require much higher levels of stabilizer than pools sanitized with conventional forms of chlorine.

Salt water generators require between 70-90 ppm of stabilizer. You will need to check the documentation for your generator to confirm the amount it requires.


Yes that is very true! My chlorine doesn’t stay I even had to start adding liquid chlorine.

I did finally add some stabilizer. When I had my start up drabslizer was added but I don’t think they added enough.

finally I’m able to keep chlorine at 3ppm now… with my cell at 30% pool 20% spa .  I had it 100% and output and still wasn’t keeping chlorine.

I am adding stabilizer slowly but barely got it to 30ppm. I have Pentair IC40 for a 25,000 gallon pool.

thank you

You’re welcome but be sure to check documentation for your Pentair IC40 to verify the level of stabilizer required for that model.

Also, if the stabilizer recommended for your generator is 60ppm, then 3ppm free chlorine is the minimum called for. The target level should be 4ppm.

If the recommended stabilizer level is 70ppm, them 3ppm is still the minimum but the ideal free chlorine amount would be 5ppm.

If the recommended stabilizer level is 80ppm, then 4 ppm would be the minimum and the ideal free chlorine level would be 6 ppm.

Higher levels of stabilizer take more free chlorine to sanitize the water.

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Thank you for your help! Got it I will pull up the manual and read up on it.