Sta-Rite 70TX repair/replace

Hi guys,

I have a sta-rite 70tx on a 14x21 in-ground pool.  I shut off the filter and put a pool cover on four years ago.  This spring I pulled the cover off, scoped the sludge off the bottom, and turned on the pump.  Everything appeared to be working ok, loads of flow through the system.  However it didn’t get cleaner (used shock and gallons of chlorene).

I used your documentation and purchased a replacement cartridge.  No improvement.  This weekend I used a product to get the contamination to drop to the bottom. It did just fine. when I use the cleaner to suck up everything it all just comes out the return.  It’s not being captured by the cartridge.

I’ve checked the cartridge is set tight to the base, cleaned the air filter, etc.  (about a dozen times)  Everything seems correct, but the water is not being filtered.

  • Suggestions on how to repair this?
  • Do you have a new filter that will fit into the15"x15" space this one is in?  Pipes are 1 1/2"



Hello Robb- We’d be glad to assist you. When debris starts to bypass the filter and return to the pool, what is the PSI reading on the pressure gauge?

My initial thought is that the cartridge is filling up very quickly with organic matter. You’ll probably have to clean the cartridge several times a day until the water starts to clear up. In fact, the cartridge should be cleaned every time the PSI rises 10 pounds over the starting clean pressure. For example, if the PSI starts at 12 with a clean cartridge, you should clean it when it gets to 22.

If you decide to replace the entire filter, we’d recommend the Pentair Clean and Clear model 160315. That is a 75 square foot cartridge filter. It has 2" ports but they can be reduced to 1.5".

When the pump is on, the guage reads ~12psi.  When I cleaned the filter it was ~10psi.  When I inspect the filter, there is very little material on the filter.  That’s why I think the water is somehow bypassing the cartridge.

Are the bands that wrap around the cartridge still intact? Broken bands can cause debris to bypass the cartridge.

I opened it up, checked the bands - they seemed fine.  Rinsed off and re-assembled.  Starting pressure ~9psig.  Started vacuming the bottom, and in a minute what I was sucking up was shooting back out the jets.  Pressure still 9.

I’m going to order that 160315 unless you have other ideas.



It sounds like it’s time to replace the filter. The 160315 will be a great option.