Hello.  I have this new problem with my Jandy system installed in May of 2017.  I have an inground pool with an integrated raised spa, booster pump and gas heater.  I turn on the heater, manually adjust the drain/return valves to use the spa and then turn on the booster pump.  When I do this the filter pump (primary variable speed pump) shuts down and there is no flow to the heater and it makes all kinds of noises.  I played around and discovered that the problem does not happen when the valves are in the pool position.  Changing the valves to the spa causes the primary pump to stop.  A Jandy tech told me that this is a plumbing issue but it just started happening.  Any thoughts?

Hi CBezanson -  It sounds like there might be a blockage in the spa line not allowing water to feed the pump. Some variable speed pump is equipped with a prime mode feature. If it’s not primed within that time frame it will shut off.  To resolve this issue, try snaking or blowing the line.

Good Luck

Thanks.  I contacted the plumber today and he suspected the same thing.  He’s coming tomorrow to look at it so I’ll post an update later.

Thanks, CBezanson. Please keep us posted and if you have any other question or concern feel free to let us know.

Okay, so the plumber said that over the Summer the filter became dirtier and slowed the flow down to the heater.  When the booster pump goes on their is not enough flow from the main pump to maintain flow to the heater and the water boils and shakes the heater.

His fix was to replace the jets in the spa with larger ones that produce less resistance and to turn up the speed of the main pump while the booster is on.  This took care of it.  He said the booster (1.5 hp Jandy) is quite strong for and produces alot of resistance to the main pump when it’s on.  The filter is almost due to be cleaned.

I have a flow-vis after the heater and before the booster so I’ll just make sure the flow from the main pump is at least 30 gpm while the booster is on.  That’s it!  Thanks for helping me out.

Thank you for coming back and giving us an update. We really appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day!