Sp2600vsp motor

I’ m trying to find the motor bearings , I found the kit for seal, but I need the bearings for the motor, it is whining real loud, still pumping water, I’m not runing the motor, for fear of burning it out.

SP2600VSP is the motor I have.

Please assist me,

Thank you.

Hello GlennR - Unfortunately, we do not have an internal parts list for that motor at this time. You can pull the bearings from the motor. The part number should be listed on the bearing.

Hey, Glenn. Did you ever get the bearings replaced in this pump motor? I have the same one and I’ve finally got it taken apart, but I’m having trouble reading the number off of it. I feel like it says 6302 but I’m not sure.

Correction: it’s a 6202Z

Ok, to be perfectly clear, the rear bearing is a 6202 and the front bearing is a 6203. I just finished replacing my rear one (left the front one in as it was in good shape and I couldn’t get the dang snap ring out) and it’s purring like a kitten. This is for the Hanning Electro-werke.

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Thank you for the update, Snyderman3000. This will definitely help Super Pump VS owners.