Should I replace surface pool plumbing

I have an inground pool with a Century Centurion (Cat B2854) pump with a Triron II tr60 filter.  Pool also has a pool heater it runs through as well.  I have noticed that the pressure on the filter has dropeed to an almost unnoticable amount and continues to build air that has to be bleed very frequently.  I have also noticed a few minor leaks at fittings which is probably the problem with the air getting into the system.  While in backflow the pump seems to push water just fine but while in “filter” mode it does not function properly, meaning it doesn’t have enough draw for the pool vaccuum to work effectivley.  I replaced all the sand in the filter last spring, which had calcified, in hopes that this would improve filter quality with no luck.

At this point I am ready to replace all the plumbing above ground as well as the pump to try and fix the issue.  Is this a good idea or should I have someone come out and assess the problem

Before replacing all of the plumbing I would run a few tests on the system to try and pinpoint the source of your issue. You may have an air leak or may need to just replace the sand or the filter. Use these two articles that we created for locating air suction leaks and pump-priming issues as one of those may confirm the issue. You can just repair just that problem without needing to replace all of your plumbing. Most likely it is isolated to one or two areas.