Shaft seal was too big

I recently replaced my salt pools motor and bought a kit with a shaft seal, and another shaft seal for salt water.  I notice your website references the same part number of PS-3867:

That seal was too big and didn’t seem to fit.  Luckily I had also bought a rebuild kit:

I’m not sure why the #200 from the kit worked, but the PS-3867 part doesn’t, although they’re both supposed to be #200 seals?  I doubt it’s rated for salt water, since it just says “Shaft Pump Seal Replacement 200.”  I have a PacFab pump that looks just like the diagram on your page:  Pentair Challenger Pump Parts -

Can you send me a product on the site that will fit and work for salt water?


By too big, it was the ceramic bit with the rubber seal around it.  It was too big to fit into the housing.

Hi ScottPool,

The PS3867 should work for your Pac Fab Challenger Pump, we sell thousands of these seals for that pump without issue. I would double check the packaging for your PS3867 order to see if the shipper shipped you the correct PS3867 seal and did not accidentally ship you a different seal.