Shaft Seal

Hi my name is Anthony and i’m looking for a shaft seal kit for my pump. I can’t identify what pump i have because the placard faded and it’s partially ripped. I took it apart and all i can find is a number C103-137P1 on my seal plate. Does that do me any good?

Hello Anthony - Part number C103-137P1 was a seal plate used on the Sta-Rite Dura-Glas and Max-E-Glas. If your seal plate has a copper cone in the center, the shaft seal would be part number PSR100 ( or PS-3866 for salt water).

If there is no copper cone, use PSR200 (or PS-3867 for salt water).

We have kits that include the shaft seal and o-rings. The kit for seal plates with a copper cone is GOKIT6. The kit for seal plates without a copper cone is GOKIT54. Unfortunately, we do not have a kit with the salt water shaft seal.

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Thank you very much @Inyorob!!! I’ll be ordering the GOKIT6

You’re welcome. Thank you for shopping with Inyo!