Seeking Shaft Seal Replacement for A.O. Smith 2-Speed Pump


I need replacement shaft seals for a A.O. Smith HP 1.5 SPL 2 speed. Serial # 281073M . Pump also listed Part 7 181327-03 Type CSM. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Thank you,

Mike Neenan

In order to recommend the shaft seal, we’ll need to know the make and model of the pump side.

The make is Jacuzzi  14027?94,( sorry i could not read the one faded #).also says Caraca J2S9E3.Another #221665081284C.

Puchased 3/15/99   * model # faded


Mike Nenan

Hello Mike - I was unable to cross-reference those numbers. Does your pump look like the Jacuzzi SLR Series pictured below?

Yes ! Thank you.

Check out the available items on our Jacuzzi SLR parts page. The shaft seals are 9A and 9B. Most customers order both since it’s hard to determine which one you’ll need. The unused one can be returned.

Thank you, I will order both the 9A&9B.

Mike n.

You’re welcome, Mike. Good luck!