Sand vs. Cartridge Filter for 18x36 Pool

Hello, we are in the search for a new filter for our 18x36 pool. We are unsure weather to go with a sand or cartridge filter.

Is it true that a cartrigdge filter needs to be taken out of the casing and placed into a cleaning solution after each use at the end of the day? Any adivce would be helpful.

Thank you


Hello Ryan - No, you do not need to soak the cartridge in a filter cleaner at the end of each day. You would periodically take the cartridge out and hose it off. You would only need to soak the cartridge if you hose it off and the pressure on the filter gauge doesn’t drop. That would be a sign the cartridge is packed with oils, grease, and other fine debris.

I have a cartridge filter on my pool and I take it out every other weekend and clean it by spraying it with a hose. I have had the same cartridge in the filter for a year and have not had to soak it.

Thank you for the quick reply Rob. Im sold on the cartridge filter now that its supposed to clean the water better than a sand filter and less maintenance.  We are looking at the pentair ccp320. Our pool is 27000gallons. What are you thoughts on that unit its going to paired with at pentair Pentair Whisperflo1 1/2hp pump.?

Thanks again


The CCP320 and 1.5Hp Whisperflo would be a good setup for a 27k gallon pool. A quad-cartridge filter like the CCP320 rarely has to be opened and cleaned. Just keep an eye on the PSI and clean the cartridges when it rises 10 PSI over the clean starting pressure.

What type of filter do you use rob?

I have the Hayward C200S. It’s a single cartridge system. My pool is only 10k gallons.