Salt Water Pool and Chlorine Tablets

I have a salt water pool but my pool guy keeps putting chlorine tablets in one of those floating dispensers in the pool.  Is there ever a good reason to do this?

Hi Alguisi,

The only reason I can think of is if the salt system is having trouble keeping up with making the needed amount of chlorine. Normally we suggest your pool to be at 3 ppm of chlorine, so if the salt system can only get you to 2 ppm of chlorine then possibly a tablet would help with that last little bit of chlorine needed.

I took a water sample to a local pool store and the chlorine levels were over 8 ppm.

Wow 8 ppm is high. I would remove the floater and/or dial back your salt chlorine generator. Do you know what level the salt chlorine generator is set to? If you can dial back the salt system then you will get longer life out of your salt cell.

I hired a new pool service company and we did remove the floater and dialed back the salt chlorine generator. It was set to 70 and now it’s at 10 for now.

That’s great news, you should get much longer life on your salt cell being set at 10 vs. 70.