Salt cell recalibration

I have read your comments about recalibrating my T15 hayward salt cell, but still seem to have issues. The cell, filter and flow meter have all been cleaned. The cell is only 2 1/2 years old. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the salt level was low. I had it tested and it was 3100. Cell was reading 800. Following your instructions, I recalibrated and the numbers went back to 3100. Next day, back down to 1000. Every morning it provides a low reading and I have to recalibrate it so that I get the correct reading. Any suggestions on why it won’t hold the readings daily and how to correct?

Hi Cheri, low salt readings can be a sign of the cell nearing its end of life.  You can expect to get 6000-7000 hours out of them; what percentage are you running it at and how many hours a day and days of the year?

I run it at 50% for 8 hours a day. I live in Florida,  so the pool stays pretty warm most of the year.   My last cell lasted around 6 years running at the same settings.  (365 days × 2.5 years x 8 hours x 50% = 3,650).  I should get another 2 years.  Seems a little early for it to be at end of life.

Hi Cherie, I agree.  Let me recommend that you get your salt levels retested at a different place or use these strips and test it yourself.  Sometimes the pool stores are not terribly accurate…

I hate to admit it, but I recently went through the same thing.  I added salt to my pool and was wondering why it was still reading low from my salt cell.  The fact is that it really was low!  I added more salt and all is well.  I never really thought about how much salt I had lost from the pool overflowing with our heavy rain storms.

Hey there, new to the community! Sorry to hear about your Hayward T15 salt cell troubles. It’s frustrating when readings don’t hold consistently, even after cleaning and recalibrating. One suggestion is to check your pool’s salt levels and make sure they’re within the recommended range. Inconsistent salt levels can affect the readings. Additionally, consider reaching out to experienced members or the manufacturer for further assistance. Good luck with resolving the issue!