If I convert my pool to a salt system, what parts of the system are expected to be replaced. How often,  and what are the typical costs to rplace these parts? I am aware that the salt cell has a life expectancy, as does the sacrificial anode. What other parts can I expect to replace over time?

It depends on the salt system, but other parts may include a flow sensor or main circuit board. What system are you interested in installing?

I have an 18k gallon in ground pool. another rep recommended a 40k gallon system I believe it was the PL7009. Not sure. I also want to add a sacrificial anode. I realize that too degrades over time.


The PL7700 is a durable model. It has a two year warranty. The salt cell would be the most common replacement item, followed by the flow sensor and circuit board. The prices of the parts can be viewed on the Crystal Pure Parts Page.