Retaining ring

I recently replaced the motor recommended by you guys and it’s working awesome! Since then, I’ve developed a small leak where the top and bottom of the jandy tanks come together. I didn’t put the retaining ring back as it broke due to corrosion. Is the metal retaining ring needed or could I just replace the O-ring? Another dumb question…does the retaining ring go on the inside or outside of the filter tanks?

Hello DaveP40 - What is the model of your Jandy filter?

I forgot to check before work, so I’ll have to check later when I get home.

It’s a Jandy model #CL460

DaveP40 - The retaining ring of the Jandy CL460 goes on the inside bottom half of the filter tank. According to Jandy, the tank is more susceptible to leaking when the retaining ring is not there. I would replace the retaining ring and o-ring. That should repair the leak.