Replacing Inground Pool Heater: Recommendations?

I have a 16x32 inground concrete pool. I need to replace my 185,000 BTU Comfortzone NG heater. It is installed inside an unheated pool building on concrete floor with venting through the roof. I was considering the Raypak NG 206 BTU model. Should I spend the extra $70 for the cupro-nickel heat exchanger? Do I need to use the Raypak indoor stack kit or is my existing venting sufficient? It looks similar to the Raypak Kit.  What are your thoughts and recommendations on all of this. Thanks.


Hi OhioKent,

Do you have a salt pool? If so then I would go with the Cupro-nickel if not then the standard heat exchanger would be fine. I really like the Raypak Pool Heaters so I think you are on the right path here.

You would need to go with the Raypak 206,000 Indoor Vent Kit as this is the only vent kit that will mount properly to the Raypak heater.

I would double check your gas line as you want to make sure that your current gas line can handle the larger 206,000 BTU unit. Below is the gas line sizing chart for the 206,000 BTU Unit.

Thank You


Thanks. On the gas line sizing chart, is that the distance back to the main gas meter? My gas pipe is 1 1/4" all the way to the heater and I’m pretty sure it is less that 360’ from the meter.


Hi Kent,

Yes, that would be the distance back to the main gas meter.



I have a Raypak p-R406A-EN-C .  The bottom is rusted out.  Can that be fixed or is it a replacement.  If I have to replace and my pool is salt water what do I replace with.  Is it a simple DIY are the locations of and size the same as my 10 year old heater or will it have to be replumbed.


I would not suggest trying to rebuild a heater that has rusted out through the bottom. Especially, if the unit is 10 years old. We would recommend the Raypak model R406A-EN-X. That unit has a cupro-nickel heat exchanger that will hold up better to salt water.

They have not made changes to the plumbing connections, so it should line up with your existing unit.

Click Here to View the Raypak R406A-EN-X

I need to replace a 400k BTU natural gas heater for my inground pool.

What’s available and how much


Hi Michael,

If this is for a residential pool and you do NOT live in California then would suggest this Raypak 406,000 BTU Heater which is currently in stock. Our inventory has been selling very quickly so I would suggest purchasing sooner than later while it is still in stock.

I currently have a Raypak RP2100 336k BTU NG Standing Pilot pool heater that has failed and I need to replace.

I was wondering if you would be so kind to make some recommendations for a replacement. I know Raypak has a new electronic ignition model, but wondered if there might be some better options, maybe cupro nickel models.  I do not want to change any of my piping from my gas meter and want to utilize what is already in place to minimize installation please. I am interested in a unit that will heat my pool quickly and be durable since the unit will be exposed to the elements.  I would greatly appreciate your assistance.



We would recommend the Raypak model P-R-366A-EN-X (014940). It is an electronic ignition 336k BTU NG heater with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger. Click Here to View More Details on the P-R-336A-EN-X