Replacing Emerson SQ1202 motor for Jandy Pump


My pool pump motor recently died (humming noise). I took it to a local pool store and the tech told me that it is not the capacitor and that I would have to replace the motor.

The label on the motor says it is a Emerson SQ1202 2Hp 48Y. Unfortunately, IDK what Jandy pump model is; the label is completely worn out.

What replacement motor may I use? I would prefer replacing with an Emerson SQ1202 or exact equivalent (AO Smith makes an SQ1202?) but if there are better suggestions, I am all ears. Looking forward to any inputs and advice.

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Hello Kartic - We would recommend the Century SQ1202. If you post a picture of your complete pump, we can identify the pump model. At that point, we can recommend the correct replacement seals.

Thank you, I will post the pictures asap.


Hi - please see the photos. If you need any more photos, please let me know.

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Thank you for the pictures. In the last picture, what is the serial number on the sticker? You may not be able to read the whole thing but the beginning should be enough to determine the seals.

Hi - This is what I could read - starting with 106F ending in 53. If it doesn’t make sense, please let me know and I will squint harder


The first symbol in the serial number should be a letter.

Bingo - J06F…G3. Hope this helps.

The shaft seal is part number R0445500 and the backplate o-ring is part number R0446300.

Thank you! Do I need the shaft seal or can I reuse the existing one?

We strongly recommend replacing the shaft seal. You may risk water leaking into the new motor if you use the old shaft seal. We have an informative article titled “Why Should I Change My Shaft Seal”.

OK thank you for the suggestion and follow-up

Got the replacement parts. You guys are FAST! Thank you.

I am stuck in a predicament - I am unable to get the old motor separated from the pool plate; can’t get the impeller out. I am unable to lock the motor shaft in order to unscrew the impeller.  I watched your video on how to remove it but I am unable to lock the the shaft in place with a screwdriver as described.

Any suggestions?

On an SQ1202, you should be able to use a wrench to stabilize the shaft. Check out the video below at the 2:10 mark.

A bit of struggle (and the old non-working motor’s commutator broke) but I got the impeller out, and hence the motor out. Thank you for the video tip.

Installed and the pump is happily chugging away. Thank you for all your help!

That’s great news! Let us know if you need anything else.

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