Replacement with EE pump

Need to replace my AO Smith 7-177474-01 1 hp 1.25 sf  56Y frame pump attached to a Pinnacle PFII-P-1 pump  Would like to replace with a more effecient motor than direct replacement. Would the B2661 be a good option and is the GOKIT24 the proper seal kit for this combo? I assume since my total HP remains around 1.25 I don’t need to change the impeller.



Hello Dirk - You could replace your 7-177474-01 1HP uprated motor with a B2661 3/4HP energy efficient full rated motor. If you want something more energy efficient, you could go with ECM16SQU. That is a 1.65 variable speed motor.

GOKIT24 is the correct tune-up kit.