replacement pool pump question

My pool pump is very loud, im pretty sure its the motor.  Its a pentair whisperflo wfe-3 3/4 HP with a serial number of 09/26/05.  I wanted to ask you if its worth rebuilding the motor, replacing the motor? or just replacing the entire pump?  What would your recommendation be?

The pump housings can last a long time without needing to be replaced. If your pump housing is in good shape, I’d recommend replacing the motor. The replacement motor would be part number B2661. Click Here to View the B2661 Motor

We recommend replacing the seals if you replace the motor. The seal kit for the Pentair Whisperflo is GOKIT32.Click Here to View the Pentair Whispeflo Seal Kit

If the housing isn’t in great shape, you may want to think about a complete pump. We have a pump that is a drop-in replacement for the Whisperflo. It is the Waterway Champion model CHAMPE-107. Click Here to View the Waterway Champion 3/4HP EE Full Rate Pump

Waterway Champion Pool Pump gif

Thank you- this is VERY helpful!

I noticed it says the replacement pump is not ca title 20 compliant.  Since I am in california, would i not be able to purchase this?  Also, is the wiring exactly the same as my pentair?

Could you also give me some tips for what i should look for to see if my pump housing is in good condition or not?

Thanks again!

California would require a 2-speed or variable speed pump. I would recommend something like the Waterway Power Defender model PD-140. That is a 1.4HP variable speed pump. The wiring would be the same as the Pentair pump. Click Here to View More Information Regarding the Power Defender 1.4HP VS Pump

As far as checking the housing, I’d look for small cracks or brittleness.