Replacement Parts for WhisperFlo 2 HP Pump/Filter?

I have a WhisperFlo 2 HP pump/filter…  It has a Centurian Motor.  B2748…  I need to replace the motor…  and want to make sure I get all the correct parts…  and if I need to replace anything additional…  and is there a kit that may have all this instead of getting seperatly

seal plate - 5020-062

impeller  - 5074-27D

Pump Shaft Seal - 5250-106

Century Motor - B748

The seal plate gasket and shaft seal is available in a kit. The part number is GOKIT32. Click Here to View the Whisperflo Tune-Up Kit

The impeller is part number 5074-27D.Click Here to View the Impeller

The replacement motor is B748 (B2748). Click Here to View the Motor

That should be all you need to replace the motor.