replacement motor impeller size

I am replacing a burnt out single-speed 7-177452-03  (B2843) motor

with a Century (A.O. Smith) 2.0 HP Full Rate, Motor B984

Can I use the same impeller?  The HP ratings are the same, but I’m wondering if there will be a problem with overheating when running in Low Speed?

I’ve heard that a lower HP pump with a larger impeller is a problem, but I’m not sure if I have that same issue on Low Speed.

No worries!  The B984 motor is the two-speed version of your old B843 motor.  You will have no issues at all and you will save on your electric bill when it is running at low speed.

Check out our guides on What do I need to control a dual speed motor? and How To Install a 2-Speed Motor and a T106 Timer so it automatically switches to low speed, and also check our guides on How To Replace a Pool Motor Shaft Seal and How To Replace the Motor on Your Pool Pump for some more helpful tips for a leak-free installation.

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Thank you - I have it installed and running.

I did use new seals/orings, all the controls are wired up.

I have a Pentair intellitouch load center.  I added a 2-speed relay to the load box, added another wire to the motor whip, and configured 2-speed operation from the remote.

That sounds perfect.  Enjoy your new motor and savings on your utility bill!

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