Replacement Colour LEDs

Hi there.

Bought 7 RGB 33W color lights around 8-10 years ago for my 12.5 x 4m pool (4 on one side of the pool and 3 on the other shining across the width of the pool).  With these older style RGB LED lights you cycle through the color shows by flipping the power switch, and you can re-sync the lights at any time by flipping the switch multiple times.   These lights were cheap from China but were brilliant for about 8 years, and then simply wore out.  Pool lit up nice n bright which is what I wanted.

I’ve looked at a couple of options for replacement lights on Amazon.  The current style are around $85 each and all have individual remote controls (one per light), but for most brands, the feedback (although good in other respects) is that the remotes are useless and people resort to cycling through the show options by flipping the power switch on and off.  However, no one can confirm whether these lights can be easily synced for multiple units.

Finally, my lights are surface mounted and I already have 12V AC transformers and wiring.

Can anyone recommend surface mounted RGB LED lights that will easily sync with multiple units in the same pool?  They don’t need to be too high power as they are replacing 33W units.  I’d replace these with the exact same units if they still sold them.  The previous lights were stainless steel and around 29cm in diameter.

I know 7 is a lot of lights for the size of the pool, but that’s how many lights the pool originally had before the days of colour LED lights and so it’s difficult to find a neat way of reducing the number.