Replaceing pool light

I have a Hayward SP0580 pool light that I need to replace. I would like to replace it with a Led color pool light. I’m not sure witch brand would be best to go with. Can you help me out? I would like one with the least amount of problems and easy to use and install.

Chris - We’d be glad to assist you. What is the voltage of the light? How many feet of cable would you need?

voltage is 120 and 50’ of cable.

ChrisM - The suggested replacement LED light would be the Hayward ColorLogic. We have two options for 120v and 50’ of cord. The first is model SP0527LED50. That has a white plastic face ring and is recommended for salt water pools. The other option is SP0527SLED50. That model has a stainless steel face ring.

Is there anything else that I would need to purchase with the SP0527LED50, a controller or a different type of switch?

Chris - A separate controller is not required. You can control the light with a normal light switch. Toggling the switch off and on will rotate through the colors/light shows.

You can get a remote control if you decide to go with a complete control system. A control system would be the central hub for all of your pool equipment.