Replaced pump motor but still noisy

I just replaced an old pentair motor where the bearing had gone bad on my WF-24 pump with a new Century B2847V1 that powers my waterfalls and a spouting water feature on the pool deck.  The new assembly is working well, but is noisy in some situations–mainly when the waterfalls are on.  If I divert all to just the spout on the deck, it’s nearly silent.  But when any of the waterfalls are on (there are 3 total), it’s noisy at the pump.  Any thoughts on what to check for, or is this to be expected?  Note: I have no reference point for how it originally sounddd, we purchased the home a year ago and that motor was going bad at the time…I just now got around the replacing it and we ran it very seldom because of how loud it was.