Repeated Capacitor Blows in Hayward Superpump Motor Issue

I have A Hayward Superpump 1.5 HP. My pool man replaced the shaft seal bc leaking water from bottom of pump last season. When turned on capacitor blew. He put s new capacitor on and it immediately blew. He says I need a new motor and the salt water leaking last season ruined my pump. The pump is 2 years old. He left the pump opened and I looked at it and looks new inside. ( I thought it would look burnt? I could freely move the shaft. Could it be anything else.

We’d be glad to assist you. There could be several reasons why the capacitor keeps blowing. The voltage going to the motor could be high. You can check that with a multimeter.

The replacement capacitor might have blown if it wasn’t the correct one. It has to be the same MFD rating as the original and the voltage has to be the same or higher.

Capacitors can also blow when there is a restriction of flow (light loading). This could be from a dirty filter or an air leak. This probably isn’t the cause in your case since the replacement blew so quickly.

It’s possible the replacement capacitor was defective.

Thank you! He told me it spun. I looked at it and saw a broken grey upside down v that the red and striped wire is connected to.( do not know the name) The broken piece prevented it from spinning. Once I remove the broken piece it spun freely and I turned on the pump and the pump came on but the capicator was smoking. I bought a new capicator that was correct but again I turned it on and I heard a loud crack sound so I turned it off but motor was running  He did tell me it the windings and said need a new motor. I thought the motor would not work at all but there is rotation and power He did change the shaft seal. This pump worked last season. He assured me it could be left out over the winter( not what the manual says)  Now the grey upside down v is had broken pices off and the white thing in the center is not straight. I really don’t want to buy a new pump I think it can be fixed but he says not

That “V” shaped piece is a stationary switch. You can try replacing that. What is the catalog or part number of your motor?