Raypak RP2100 PC Board

I just replaced an old Raypak RP2100 PC board with an new one (010253f) and am getting a GVO error message.  Has anyone had this problem?

Hi GarySi,

Below are the troubleshooting steps for the Raypak GVO error message…

GVOPower found at either PV or MV at the incorrect time.1. Turn power OFF and disconnect Ignition Wire and Gas Valve wires from board.
2. Power ON and watch for spark at module.
3. If no spark, turn power OFF, and replace board.
4. If spark is observed, turn off power and reconnect wires. The unit should fire.
5. If unit does not fire and code reappears, power OFF, disconnect valve wires from board and remove MV, PV, and ground wires. Clean and reconnect.
7. If unit does not fire, replace the gas valve.
8. Low power to transformer can cause a GVO fault.