Raypak Main Ign Failure

I have a Raypak Electronic Ign about 2 years old and error code is Main Ign Failure. I am not sure what this code means. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Cheryl, we are sorry to hear about that. Your heater will throw that code and it will lock itself up until the power is cut and reset.

It is an issue with the pilot light not lighting up, so it could be from the gas supply or the pilot light ignition system. Check that the gas valve is open and, if you had any gas appliances serviced lately, you may need to bleed the line to remove any air that could be in the pipes.

I would recommend turning the power off and removing the front service panel. Turn the power back on and be sure the pool is calling for the heater to turn on. Check for the snapping sound of the pilot light trying to ignite; do you see a little spark by the pilot light, or do you see the pilot light successfully lighting up? If you do, all is well! Put the cover back on and enjoy your warm pool.

This can be caused by excessive winds when it tries to ignite. If you live in a windy area (and if this keeps happening) you might want to add a high wind kit to help prevent this in the future.