Raypak Heater - MV output fault - gas valve not in Commanded State

I have a Raypak Heater that worked fine and is now just giving me an MV Output Fault error - I can’t find out to repair this error - just what it means and Raypak won’t speak to me since I am not a pool contractor.

Any ideas?  Heater was installed in 2003

We’d be glad to assist you. What is the model number of your Raypak heater?

RP 2100

The MV Output Fault generally relates to a failure of the main valve relay on the PC board. If you can provide the exact model number, we can recommend a replacement board. It would look something like R265A or PR266AENC. This number would be located just inside the service panel.

Thanks - the bad part is the board is only 2 months old but I but it off ebay with no warranty - I got the part # so I will have to order a new one

You’re welcome. Glad we could help.

Hello, this is an old thread but pertains to me. I am getting the same MV Output Fault error on Raypak R-406A-EN-X#51.  I am having some difficulty getting someone to work on this.  Is there a board that I can purchase and install myself?