Raypak ground bounding lug question

Raypak insallation manual shows where a ground bounding lug “mounting hole is provided on the jacket”.  That hole is not threaded and not large enough for the provided mounting lug attachment and most importantly, the ‘jacket’ has a powder-coat finish on both sides in the location of the hole - there is no ‘bare metal’ in the suggested location.  Is the installer supposed to do ‘something’ (drill out the hole, use a different self-tapping screw, san some of the coating away, etc…) to mount the lug and ensure it will have an electrical connection with the heater?

Hi Joeb44,

Those are great questions and unfortunately I’m not 100% sure the correct answer to them. I would suggest contacting Raypak directly and they will be able to assist. You can find Raypak’s contact information here Contact Us – Raypak